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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 13, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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miles are here in san francisco. this is video from allentown, pennsylvania february of last year, a natural gas line rupture that exploded and it was a deadly explosion. and there is the general counsel saying pg&e is ready to replace the lines but that they aren't being allowed to do so because of a street paving ordinance. now, they say that the danger here in san francisco is much greater than it was in pennsylvania. >> san francisco it's compounded because not only do where he have this pipe but it's an earthquake prone area. we know from the horrible fire when these rupture, they can burn the city. >> the city attorney released a statement saying he's ready to meet with them to fix this
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problem but also says he wants more information on what he calls the alleged obstacles. i did speak after that statement was released and after reading it, he said he's encouraged and says it's a step in the right direction. >> thank you. >> i know you can hear me. i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being there for meechl i look forward to seeing you again, brother. >> so this is something you don't see often. a standing ovation for the beat partner of officer youngstorm. there are hundreds today gathered and he was laid to rest this afternoon in dixon. apc 7 news was at the service. his partner spoke it was quite
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a moment. >> that was so moving. the whole ceremony, the service was really powerful and moving. he had three families heerk the immediate family, family of friends, and his enormous family of law enforcement colleagues. a giant american flag hung over the entrance of the church parking lot. and the casket moved down the aisle as a sea of law enforcement and first responders looked on. there were also friends from the prechp life. who worked with him at the lay fayette post office 15 years ago it just broke my heart. he's so young. >> he was a really good pesh. we miss him. >> the commissioner spoke to his children. >> al yesterday, andrew. kennedy, your father loved
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you. and adored you. and i want to you always remember and be proud of the man your father was. >> youngstorm's teen-aged son was poised beyond his years. >> he really taught me a lot about being a man. and you know he taught me about what is forgiveness he was working with officer tyler carlton in the same beat, but different cars, carlton shot and killed the suspect just after youngstorm was shot. >> i have often have thoughts of why? or what if? or i could have. but then reminding myself everything does happen for a reason. >> the casket left with thousands lining the route and saluting. >> ken, i know you can hear me.
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i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being this for me. and i look forward to seeing you again, brother he leaves behind both parents, four brothers, a handful of nieces and nephews, his wife, karen and their four children. in vacaville, abc 7 news. >> and there is an impressive procession leading up to that ceremony, people lined streets to pay their respects and. >> if you the notion he live in a cold word this might reassure you. the fire department rarely lookeds forward into hoisting this flag.
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>> unfortunately probably the neighborhood of six to 10 times in my career. >> and there is waiting for a funeral procession that followed highway 29. marina ramirez brought her young daughter. >> what do you tell your little girl? >> is that life is precious, every day. we never know if we're going to come home to be with our family autos and truth made more likely for those of us who swear to protect. >> there is a tribute to his mem skpri thank him for years of service he provided and the live he's offered to those who received his organs. >> and they know someone like him, her husband graduates in february. >> then... >> and then, he's out on the streets. >> so as he walks a path, she
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felt a mix of emotions. pride, sadness, probably worry. >> can you imagine what his friend is going through? >> absolutely not. >> the city fire department lowered it's ladders and put it away. they hope to not raise it again for a long time. in napa, wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> and if you'd like to help you can go to ask to contribute to the childrens benefit memorial fund. >> investigators are looking into why a police car and transit bus crashed this morning. according to the vallejo times, the officer told investigators he thought there was a green light and couldn't be sure, he took a glance before the crash. the bus driver said she was sure she had a green light.
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some did complain of pain. a search for an armed burglar continues after a seven hour standoff came to an end with the burglar nowhere to be found. it started this morning and witnesses say they saw a man with a gun break into the house. and there is a nobody inside. >> we will continue the investigation and will move forward based on information provided by the witnesses. and this is not releasing what this. >> and sky 7 shows how they impact that had neighborhood. police are not releasing a description of the suspect and saying it could have jeopardized the investigation. >> a man firing his gun off and causing a standoff in july pleaded no contest today.
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the 48-year-old arrested for threats, assault with a deadly weapon and negligent discharge a firearm. police spent five hours negotiating with him before finding him next to his bed, nonresponsive and intoxicated. >> a faulty kich yaen ply yens is thought to be the cause of a devastating fire in menlo park. investigators say it appears a pinched cable where it started at beachwood school. flames swept throughout main building before 4:00, destroying a third grade classroom. this school's principal says the fire is taking a toll on everywhere one, especially the teacher. >> devastated. and hard work she's put into making that environment special for the kids. and now... this is gone, and it's hard. >> the school will be closed
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until monday. officials will find a temporary home for third graders. daniel to the building is estimated more than $400,000. >> and get ready. tonight after midnight is when apple fans can start to preorder the new iphone 5 online. but there is a hidden cost they will be paying if they want apple's latest device. david louie joins us live to explain. >> there are projectings that apple will make 100 to $140 million because of small changes they made to the i've on5. and that means after spending $399 for the phone you'll have to get a new cover and cables. apple is no doubt excited how the screen is playing to fans and how it's replacing a clunky connector with a tiny one. and that means you'll need a $30 adaptor to connect it to an older dock or might have to
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buy new cables. say you have a car charger when you get the new iphone. have you to buy a new car charger or adaptor for $30. and the changes made have accessory makers scrambling. and learning yesterday you'll want to ready v.items at the end of next week, helping keep details secret we spoke to zag via skip making cases and invisible shield film for the screen. >> that is a tiny fraction of a size, means people like us, we start over from scratch. it's brand new and new molds and it's a in production, new packaginging. a massive effort to support what customers want. >> and there is a typical
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buyer may spend $50 to $100 on access riz. >> this is only money. and so i'm not sure consumers will notice. i think a lot of them were excessive. >> apple along with wireless carriers are gearing up for preorders start agent midnight. hope to avoid long lines. >> there are people like that to get that early. but the easiest way to get one is go online, and order rmt you'll have it on the first day. >> and there is cargo jets are just filled and products have to be on sale a week from tomorrow. >> and thank you. >> and there is more ahead
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tonight. coming up a crisis in our schools, thousands of local students get a controversial lesson on how to deal with a school yard bully and anyone who spent the night in yosemite could have been exposed. >> and imagine if you had money you cannot use
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ross mirkarimi will likely know his fate before the november electrics.
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the ethics commission rejected a request by lawyers to delay final ruling by the board of supervisors. the legal team argued the decision would become political sized. and the ethics board called it speculation and denied the request. the commission expected to send the case to the board of supervisors next week. >> and health officials in contra costa county today confirm there'd is another human case of west nile virus. they confirmed first just two days ago. officials say residents should protect them selfs from the virus transmitted by mosquitoes. there are three confirmed cases in contra costa county last year. and officials at yosemite national park expanded their outreach following another identified case of the rare but phone shallly deadly hanta virus there. nine sprem now come down with that virus. three have died can. most stayed in the tent cabins at curry village. one caught hanta virus in a high sierra camp ground.
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officials are now notifying anyone who spent the night at yosemite since june of this year, it is most commonly spread through rodent droppings and it is not contagious. >> bullying is one of the disturbing problems our kids face today. in is a pledge to stop bullying after being inspired by a movie called "bully". and there are about 3,000 students bused to four theaters today. the district said it was important to take these students out of school today to reenforce the idea it's not acceptable. the goal is to go around the country to show the movie to at least one million students. there is a a san francisco student with no problem
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relating to a. >> i have trouble with making friends. >> the movie director has been showing it to students and we're hearing bit more and people are feeling empowered to tell their stories. >> today, both san francisco mayor and superintendent pledged to create schools that are safe. >> i think it's natural to see who i can fight weaker than me to let off steam. and realizing putting myself in that person's decision. >> and the melinda haig saying changes are coming. >> this is capturing everyone's heart and hearts of legislatures. they can change law autos there are no purpose of
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watching someone get hurt. >> people should be a bigger person, stand up for themselves. be nice to each other. bullying should be stopped. >> and there is oakland unified taking all students to watch the movie and that is roughly 13,000 stud yeents now, breaking news in the oakland hills, you can see there is a fire burning right here in the oakland hills area. >> there is from this view it gos to where that fire occurred in 1992. and there is as soon as we get details on what is burning there, we'll bring it to you. >> what about weather conditions? the area now.
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>> there seems to pinpoint the location but i do notice inland east bay there is a high temperatures into mid to upper 90s so it's been warm inland and there is dry. you know that as well. there is not very windy at the moment though winds tend to be stronger there. so that might be a problem. live view from our camera, looking down on the bay. you can see we've got sunny skies and there is a shallow marl marine layer. there is a look at live doppler 7 hd. and you can see a closer view. you can get there is fog and there are patches of it pushing through the golden gate now. there is mid-90s today, warm inland. 83 in concord. 70s in other locations inland
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and near the bay. there is coastal fog, warm inland throughout the weekend. we don't expect excessive heat. cooler pattern next week. overnight, fog pushing beyond the coastline and over the bay. low temperatures into mid to upper 50s so this is pretty mild. you can asee high clouds throughout the bay area and there is why there is a stream of high clouds. there is if you saw high clouds, you know what the source is of the clouds. there is our satellite image showing marine layer, fog at the coast near the coast. very shallow. only about a thousand feet deep. so it's that deep enough or vigorous to enough to see
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whatever fog is with us and tomorrow, there is a wide range of high temperatures from 60s on the coast to mainly 70s up to maybe about 80s around the bay and 80s to 910s inland loks. and south bay, sunny skies there tomorrow and warm. highs into low 80s. 80 in santa clara. 81 in cupertino. there is 76 redwood city. and 63 in half moon bay. so cool to mild at the coast. 66 downtown san francisco. and highs into low 80s and there is mid-90s farnler north z on the east bay, 71 in oakland. 78 fremont. inland east bay will be warm with upper 80s to low 90s. there sf near monterey bay, we'll see 70s near the bay. 80s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast.
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three more warm days coming our way. but not very hot. temperatures tapering off monday, there is a milder pattern, cooler pattern next week, but it remains mild. >> thank you. >> and let's take a look at the live picture this is a fire burning in the oakland hills there is 7101 norfolk road. >> there is very close to the area where the oakland hills fire began just so devastating for this area. >> if you're familiar it's near strajmore drive. and confined to one home at this point. >> there is some amazing video
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new video, more than 33,000 people in 17 villages being evacuated after a volcano erupted this afternoon. the fuego volcano is located just 10 miles from the city. and that is just 25 miles
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southwest of guatemala city. interest there is a cloud of ash a half mile into the air and there is' series of explosions coming from this volcano as well. >> police in kentucky are remembering micky hart. he's wanted for an assault allegedly occurring on saturday after a performance in harrisburg, kentucky. police would not provide further details but he told abc 7 news i'm baffled by this claim of assault and any accusation or claim against me is false. and without any basis whatsoever. >> and the guitarist carlos santana is ready to tell the story of his life and career. and this book is due out in 2014. and will be published by the company putting out a memoir
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by keith richards two years ago. >> a retired san francisco firefighter honored this afternoon for demonstrating exceptional courage. and he was awarded a public safety medical of valor. and he's being recognized for saving three people. he risked his life carrying a couple across the ladder set up at the bridge between the burning building. and he has retired and and when we come back tonight a social media that they're now trying to keep the peace. >> new plan for kick starting the economy $40 billion at a time. skeptics are concerned this won't work. >> there is a new energy bar out. this one designed by doctors.
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want to go back to our coverage of a house fire in the oakland hills, sky 7 is over head in the 7100 block of norfolk road in the oakland hills. >> you can see it's really limited here to this one residents but this is a fire going on here. we can see at least five engines responding and there are firefighters going into this house and there is you can see a lot of thick smoke coming out of the building. >> there is at least a three, or four-story home. you can see just right of the screen looked like a neighbor next door who had concerns about his own property. big thok just coming out of the building. and. >> we'll continue to follow this throughout the newscast so stay with us for the latest. >> and there is new
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developments on the attacks on u.s. embassies in the middle east. it's 3:30 in the morning in cairo. there is a live picture from outside of the u.s. embassy. prot testors have been throwing stone asks setting fires and egyptian security forces firing tear gas into the crowd. tensions increase, social media sites are playing a part in trying to bring about calm once again. and athere is a downed down response from the campaign trail. >> mitt romney was quick to attack the president and overstepped. today, they stepped away when it came to the middle east unrest. there is northern virginia telling supporters america needs leadership. >> we're in mourning and lost four diplomats across the world. we're thinking about the families. >> the words interrupted by a
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heckler. there is no repeat and there is still threats in the world. we have to be relentless in pursuing those who attacked us this week. >> and there is a film depicting the prophet mohammed as a womanize skbrer a fraud. >> there is no justification, none for responding to this video with violence. >> in liba, four men have been arrested in connection with tuesday's attack killing ambassador chris stevens. investigators say they're tacking several others. two warships are positioned nearby and libyans posting photographs condemning the attack. photographs getting responses from here at home.
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california woman posted a message today is saying it's meaningful and appreciated. at the state department, sites recognized at briefing. >> it's been supportive so that is speaking to the progress that we're making. >> we're learning more about the film maker who sparked these protests. authorities say the man behind the innocence of muslims is a californian. and once convicted of financial crimes, used a number of aliasas investigators believe he's the producer and director. >> and there is identity of the fourth victim as been released. tire onwoods was killed along with three others. the family of another victim, glenn doherty shared pictures
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of him with reporters. he was an ex-navy s.e.a.l. as well as a sniper and had been in libya just a week. >> glenn was an amazing human being and we're devastated. and he was a great friend and brother. and really good at his job. and this is a huge loss for everyone. he's a hero to us. >> abc news learned doherty was on an intelligence mission finding and destroying weapons taken from military installations after the fall of muammar gaddafi. >> abc 7 news spoke to one of ambassador steven's closest friends, a un mediator who worked with chris stevens and currently a visiting scholar at uc berkeley. and described his friend as a humanist. >> chris is one of the people
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with. many of us who have an interest in languages and the way people see the rest of the world. he took great pride inputting himself in understanding their culture. the way they approached issues. he was born into this work. >> and he is the first u.s. ambassador to be killed since 1979. >> the federal reserve announced a series after gresive actions to once again stimulate the u.s. economy. investing $40 billion to prop up securities backed by home mortgages and this plans to keep rates at lows for three years, they're ready to make another action since job growth doesn't pick up. the fed chair idea to make it cheaper for people to borrow money, then spend it. >> this is a employment at a
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grave concern. the economy isn't growing fast enough to make significant progress. >> the fed has sunk $2 tril yin into bonds ask securities sin the great recession hit. skeptics say it won't do much to stimulate the economy but stocks did go up today. >> coming up, 7 on your side's michael finney reports a man sold something online and couldn't get money for week autos because of the rights you waive when you sign up for pay pal.
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back now live to oakland hills we've been watching this fire burning in the 7100 block of norfolk. >> it appears firefighters have gotten some control over this, hard to tell but this does not appear to be spreading and like there is a frenzy of activity at the site. and so let's hope everything is under control. we'll keep you posted here. >> and frustration is mounting among pay pal user that's cannot get access to money they've deposited into their own accounts. >> michael finney joins with us his findings. >> this is similar.
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it's typical to place holds on deposits but the holds placed by pay pal can be four times longer as much as 21 days. >> says available balance, zero. >> sam gold couldn't believe the pay pal account had a hero balance. the man just sold a stereo on ebay. the money deposited into his pay pal account. pay pal put a 21 day hold on the funds. it says to protect it's customers. >> what they're doing is wrong. there is pay pal declining an interview but some sellers and some pay pal small merchants are subject to holds due to their limited transaction history or have a higher than average risk. >> there is a great majority
6:42 pm
not subject to the hold. consumer advocates say there is a bit extreme. >> there is california financial code says companies such as pay pal have 10 days to forward all money received for transmission unless otherwise agreed to. and pay pal says kmaerz agree to longer hold times when signing it's 46 page user agreement. and there are many customers taken to the internet. >> pay pal taking money from my bank account, pay pal horror story autos pay pal says it's working to improve. this has caught at tension of the san francisco assembly member. >> it's black and white.
6:43 pm
and they can do it, because they're pay pal. >> apparently there have been reports from small businesses and charity that's are struggling with trying to have a positive cash flow. >> saying more investigating needs to be done into this matter. and amiano agrowed something needs to be done. >> so what i would like to see is movement of me waiting for them to call me. >> and he says if that doesn't happen legislative action is possible. the hold on the money was finally released under three weeks after subordinate proof the buyer received the merchandise. >> that is frustrating. >> a doctor approved energy bar could help take a bite out of obese tie and now, we can raise hdl and lower
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inflammation and your insulin have you heard of the new dialing procedure for the 408 and 669 area codes? no, what is it? starting october 20, 2012, if you have a 408 or 669 number, you'll need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. o.k.,
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but what if i have an 408 number and i'm calling a 408 number? you'll still need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out!
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there are dozens of energy bars on store she haves but a group has begun testing a bar of its own. the difference that can help obese teens fight off disease autos this is kinna monday. >> this professor wants to take a bite out of obesity. his team have come up with what is known as the cory bar. >> we decided maybe we can make a kind of super vitamin bar. >> they combine minerals and fiber ask dozens of variations over a decade. in trials, they noticed that the different come bibbations had different affects. balancing factors helping the body control various types of cholesterol. >> now, we're to the point where we can tune up your metabolism.
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and we can low your your insulin resistance. >> the theory is that many obese people are starving for minerals and vitamins not found in processed foods. the problem can be compounded by subsequent damage to the digestive track. >> there is body reacting to those things coming across. >> mark helped tweak both the formula and flavor. he described as barely edible. usda helped manufacture bars so they can be used in wider clinical trials and researchers are launching a trial to see if this bar could help with symptoms of another disease. >> this will be the first time there is a trial on people who have an obesity related condition. and are going to do a trial in
6:49 pm
adolescent agency matic autos saying this will involve two groups, both receiving coaching on diet and exercise, one group eating twice per day to test affects. >> this is shown it's improved inlynn resistance and antioxidant defeenss -- defenses and are elevated in these obese and obese asthmatic autos whatever outcome, the team believes this information will lead to a better understanding of the relationship between diet ask disease. perhaps leading to commercial versions of the bar targeted just because of populations or conditions. >> and this kind of works. >> the trials are ongoing. to learn more go to abc 7 >> you've got one. we'll have to try it out. >> yes. >> so... spencer is here now with another look at the forecast. >> there is more warm weather. there is a wide range of highs from the coast and there is a
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high of only 59. we'll see 71 getting warmer. and there is 93 in brentwood. there are three more days of highs around 90 degrees. mid-60s on the coast. there is a cooler trend and will be nice, pleasant and mild. >> thank you. >> and there is general hospital moving up at sk. at 2 and 2:30, then katie on at 3:00.
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join me tonight at 9:00, coming up, protecting your medical privacy. investigation found thousands of records for sale. >> a local company feendz out what happens when it's invention doesn't make it into the new iphone. >> it's coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. now, larry has sports. >> starting with baseball and a's playing this afternoon. they've been on an mazing run with 12 road wins going for 13 in anaheim. there is jared weaver coming
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off a 10 days rest. ask struck out nine. anderson coming back from surgery. there are five strikeouts. and there is tori hunter a solo bomb and there is anderson allowing four runs. there is angels explode six runs in the 7th. tracking playoff chase, orels and rays took 14 innings. there is desmond jennings all or nothing and no. he didn't catch it. he trapped the ball there is a's and yanks down in a virtual tie and there is past
6:55 pm
couple years stanford one of the elite football teams and this seems like order has been restored with sc once again looking like a super power. and there is stanford won four of the last five meetings and andrew luck is gone now. >> this is not easy to replace a guy the best prospect ever to come out. and there is a great system. >> a lot of guys have played big games before. we're going to counsel these young guys. our guys understand. >> there is talking about his new book called best of
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rivals. with joe montana and steve young thought of their time together. there is when he says it wasn't as contentious as we thought. >> i don't think you can say it's animosity. just really uncomfortable for them. a tough situation. you know? they both felt betrayed by the organization. >> and jim calhoun put yukon basketball on the map today there is a ton of controversy. he led connecticut to national prominence. he leaves after 26 years at the school. and a beating cancer three times, and fractured his hip. >> all those who tried to understand me.
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i don't know how you can do that. and importantly for people who reached out to help us, calhoun drives to connecticut. thank you very much, very much. >> and he really built yukon into a major power. >> no kidding. >> that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. >> and for all of us, you said your name already. >> there is everybody else here, have a good night. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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